About Us

Why "Hudson Rose"?
Hudson is our youngest (and also my grandparents' last name) + Rose is our 2nd kiddo's middle name. Nine years ago I left my corporate job to become a full-time stay at home mom. While so many things have changed over the last nine years (including both littles being in school now!), two things have stayed the same:
  1. Being a mom is my favorite job and my #1 priority. I struggled with what I was going to do when all 3 of our kids were in school, and I kept coming back to wanting to find something that allowed me the freedom to show up for them whenever they need me-- field trips, sick days, volunteering in their classrooms-- you name it, I'll be there.
  2. My need to be creative has never wavered. I can't count the number of times I felt like I lost myself after having kids (moms-- if you know, you know). What pulled me out of that fog each time was my ability to create. Whether that be a simple craft like painting rocks, planning kiddos' parties and class events, or creating and teaching a thoughtful yoga flow-- getting creative and making something from nothing lights me up from my core!
...enter Hudson Rose. I am so glad you're here + I hope something I create brings a smile to your face and brightens your day!